Strategy. Business Development. Capital.


We provide comprehensive services to small / micro-cap companies by leveraging the team’s experience, insights and relationships. Our expertise enables our clients to better interact with the investment community, raise capital, remain in regulatory compliance and increase corporate transparency.

As advisors, we provide expertise in communicating with investors and the capital markets to best define our client’s full valuation and potential. We are blockchain-focused capital markets professionals backing bold projects that are forming the foundation of Web 3.0. When we engage a client, our end goal is to gain a deep understanding of its operational characteristics and how the financial accounting reflects them. This deep analysis informs us how to best approach our investor networks to make sure that the company’s fundamentals are clear and the company is positioned to engage the investment community through iterations. Our goal is to help the company attain a full market valuation and facilitate corporate actions that lead to transparency, capital acquisition and revenue growth.

Our team consists of entrepreneurs, technologists, researchers, venture capitalists, legal and regulatory experts, bankers, and marketers.

We have extensive experience providing strategic advisory, investment, structuring, and capital markets access at the bleeding edge of technology, with deep specialization in the blockchain space.


Kármán Capital is not a broker dealer nor registered investment advisor. Kármán Capital services exclude any financially related transactions including activities related to securities transactions, capital raising or formation.